Shangri La Singapore

Shangri La Singapore is a classy hotel. It has the best service that people often think of as an expensive hotel. However, you don’t need to worry because some tips will help to make a budget that can still meet your needs, which are as follows.

Bring a Water Bottle

One of the necessary things is to bring your drinking water bottle or tumbler. In some places, including Changi Airport, there will be special taps for drinking water ready for consumption. At some points, there will be hot water dispensers to make coffee, tea, or milk for children.

Make sure that when passing through immigration checks, you must first empty the drinking water bottle and refill it in the space provided. The price of one bottle of drinking water is quite pricy, so it is different from your country.

Use Local SIM Card

If you are someone who updates even though you are abroad. It means that a local SIM is also mandatory to carry. You can get it from the city center or the airport. The average price is S$12 with a quota of around 100 GB using SingTel.

That is optional because you can enjoy free WiFi directly from the hotel and Changi Airport. However, it’s better not to make cash transactions using a credit card when connected to public internet access.

If you choose to use a local SIM, there will usually be an international roaming activation fee of up to IDR 250 thousand. Some include internet quota and best suit your needs.

Use EZ Link for Cheap Transportation

More efficient and cheaper transportation is indeed using the MRT, LRT, and also buses, especially the Shangri-La Hotel is very strategic to make it easier for you to get access to transportation. Well, to know the exact route, you have to use offline maps and Google Maps.

You can use the EZ Link or Pay As You Go card for all modes of transportation in Singapore, except for the balance tax which will be deducted according to the cost. It’s good, you do top up periodically.

Take Advantage of Recommendations from Friendly Staff

Shangri La Singapore is a strategic place to stay and is a recommendation for tourists to backpackers. This hotel also has a complete policy and facilities for children. Families can also rent private rooms at a lower price, so you can follow the advice of the friendly staff.

No need to worry because the staff can communicate well and adjust the language you use. That way, it will be easier for you to get the best recommendations.

Choose a Cheap Airline

Have you made vacation plans with SingaporeRediscover Vouchers at Shangri La? It’s time for you to choose a quality and economical airline. You can hunt for promo tickets one year in advance and make a cost estimate that includes the cost of meals, top-up Ez links, and others.

Those are some tips that you can follow if you stay at Shangri La Singapore. Take advantage of the benefits of Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers for a more economical vacation budget.